Singles (later stuff)


7″ Single / Limited promotional CD
Poptones. Cat. No: MC5056S / MC5056SP

Side One: Kickin’ Back
Side Two: I Got Root Beer

Jack and the boys really hit their stride with this ace single lifted from the “Sport Fury” long-player which came as a numbered edition in this plain Poptones sleeve. (Note to confused collectors: No. “0000” may not actually exist!)

Just like “Can’t Get Enough”, this reads like a BB mission statement: “I’m drinking beer and I’m feeling ace”. Cool or frickin’ what?

Jack slicks back his quiff for “I Got Root Beer” and kicks out a manic rockabilly riff. Go Jack!

This should have been a massive hit – except they made the dumb-ass decision to issue it on limited edition 7″ only – tho if you bought it from Jack at a gig you probably got the free promo CD too (also in plain Poptones sleeve).



7″ Single / Limited promotional CD
Poptones. Cat. No: MC5056S / MC5056SP

Side One: From The South
Side Two: Infomation

This 7″ also came as a numbered limited edition and again had a free promo CD (if you were lucky). The generic Poptones CD sleeve is pictured here.

Not the most obvious single choice from the Sport Fury album – but maybe that was the point.

Ace B-side “Infomation” rocks like a good ‘un and is produced by local boy Pat Grogan.



CD Single
Poptones. Cat. No: MC5072SCD

1. Kickin’ Back
2. Ha! Ha!
3. Take A Ride
4. I Got Root Beer
5. Infomation

Back on track with a decent cover, a couple of new tracks, some B-sides you probably missed and the kind of packaging (and format) deserving of the classic lead track.

This is great stuff right from the start line to the chequered flag. You also get to see the video for “Kickin’ Back”, custard pies and all!!

But just for the record Jack, have you ever, like, tried root beer? It tastes like crap, doncha think?



CD Single
Poptones. Cat. No: MC5080SCD

1. Killer Bee
2. So Wholesome
3. Sheriff Is Law

They’re back with the lead track from new long-player “Killer-B”.

This is a 100% sure-fire sting-a-thon where BB – guaranteeing to raise a few blisters – buzz in with a well-timed warning not to mess around with no Bumble Buggies. (Someone stop me, please!)

The extra tracks are great and the cover is good too.

Bzzzzzzz etc…



CD Single
Poptones. Cat. No: MC5086SCD

1. Dirty Mouth
2. Each Dawn I Die
3. Oh My God Oh My God

Possibly the best track on the Killer-B album gets the single treatment. Check out Jack’s hard-man act (“My mom can kick your ass”) and that killer chorus. CD single includes a couple of kick-ass extra tracks and another great cover (wow – dig the cowgirl look!).

If you’re wondering why Poptones didn’t get these guys onto TOTP every week – well, so are we!



7″ Single
Wrath Records. Cat. No: WRATH15

A Side: The Scaramanga Six – The Poison Pen
AA Side: Beachbuggy – Nineteen

7″ split-single with Huddersfield “musical assault group” (eh?) The Scaramanga Six. Released by Leeds-based indie Wrath Records as part of their Supersevens Singles Club (this is Supersevens #5).

“As always, the criminally overlooked Beachbuggy are a revelation – ‘Nineteen’ is a relentlessly pummelling seedy indie-rock circus. Jack Straker’s theatrical vocals equal parts Frank Black and Mark E Smith chewing on coal. It’s the Poptones-signed, Steve Albini-approved beachbuggy you should really make an effort to track down – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them” THE FLY


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